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Lake Atitlan Best Real Estate Deals

Lake Atitlan best real estate deals

Guatemala Lake Atitlan Best Real Estate Deals


Very often I got this questions what would I consider a  great deal  in Lake Atitlan real estate maket ?

I have put together listings that according my experience of the particular Guatemala Market Real Estate which is Lake Atitlan I consider a great investment opportunity.The cost of properties for sale waterfront have been increasing in value consistently over the years.  If you are considering relocating ,move out of your country and try to experience leaving South of the border well this is the place to find out about the great investment opportunities..Choosing to go for a bargain house or plot of land it  allows you diversify your investment still expecting great returns on it.  Either because you will use your house as a vacation rental or simply as place to escape the cold North winters the potential of growth of appreciation is there.

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