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Land great views SOLD SANPABL 04

Lake Atitlan land with views for sale gentle slope SANPABL 04 SOLD

Lake Atitlan land with views for sale great location

 Ideally located walking distance from San Marcos La Laguna. This lot up the road has a gentle slope that allows you to build up hill and to enjoy the best view of this bay. Facing 5 volcanos, sunrise and sunset..

Right of possession, all fenced.

Property ID # SANPABL 04

Offered at $ 00,000  SOLD 10-2017


Photos of this property show only certain parts of it  at the time when the photographs were taken. Certain parts of the property may have changed and it can't be assumed that the photographs are the actual representation of it. Descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to correction and Atitlan Solutions shall have no liability for such errors. No assumptions should be made in respect of parts of the property  which are not showed.

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