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Atitlan Solutions

Atitlan Solutions. The leading real estate company of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Atitlán Solutions, knows how difficult it is to commit to an investment in a foreign country as Guatemala. When you want to invest in Guatemala and Lake Atitlán you need a local partner to assist you to make a safe, wise and enjoyable decision. Our proven experience in the field of selling, rentingmanaging and building properties guarantees that  your investment will be well looked after. We work with a team of experts to give you the best advice in the field of environmental laws, legal property rights, structural design construction, interaction with government offices, property taxes assessment, retiree status for permanent residency... just a few examples.

Lately the government has been working in enforcing the laws (environmental laws, ownership laws,...) and we work hard keeping current on these laws to ensure your investment, is legal and environmentally safe. For a lot of years everybody would do pretty much what they want around the lake, building any place any style but right now before acquiring an empty lot or a house you have to be much more careful as you will be responsible for whatever is lacking in order to comply with the law. And you cannot argue that you didn't know the law. In Guatemala this is not an excuse at all, you have to know the law.

So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are interested in helping you make the right decision.

Atitlán Solutions is the only real estate company in the Lake Atitlán area, a registered and active member  of the theGuatemalan Chamber of Real Estate Agents. An added value and a guarantee of professionalism.  We also speak French, Spanish and English.

Our experience is your guarantee.