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Guatemala Real Estate Listings Lake Atitlan

Atitlan Solutions, is the leading real estate company on Guatemala's Lake Atitlan.

Benefit of our 15 years of robust experience in Guatemala real estate property market, building, rentals and managing properties.

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It is early 2018 and it has been an active market as never before I have experienced it. It is the combination some would say of luck, timing and I will had the Instagram effect or the New discovery produce by the LIDAR images shown on the Nat Geo program..

Also Guatemalan Tourism Institute has been promoting the country as the "Best secret Destination" on Times Square to raise awareness about Guatemala.

Guatemala Secret country

The Quetzal , name of the Guatemalan currency, has been getting stronger by the month  against the US $ it is good to check the current exchange rate at Currently 1$ will give you Q 7.33.

More on my blog article 2018 Minimum Salary.

San Marcos La Laguna seems to be the place for buyers as new properties are coming up for sale.. We just list 4 new properties, one of them a promising size land with a house, set up for a future retreat center or development.  Also it is a buyer market with so many properties coming up on the market..And excellent deal to be made for the ones that will invest now.

So for the ones doubting that you night a license to be a realtor in Guatemala well let me tell you that  I got mine  after a year of paperwork....# 01-2016-239-2012. And you can find countless pretend to be realtors on the web and in the street but very few will give you the guarantee a professional realtor will give you.

Guatemalan Realtot License  Realtor Card

House Hunter International Episode 

Check out  on . Armand Boissy of Atitlan Solutions participated in the filming of an episode in Guatemala Lake Atitlan before Christmas. I'm pride to have been elected to show case this episode helping trinet to have find a place in Lake Atitlan. Atitlan is considered as one of the most beautiful lake in the world and you will see why... Atitlan Solutions is the leading real estate company in Atitlan Area we are here to help you to make your investment or retirement a great experience. Send us an email with your request or call us on our US and Canadian phone 00 1 3055177760

House Hunter International Atitlan

Interesting interview of Joel an expat, retired in Lake Atitlan. Check out the pros and the cons.. and what surprised him the most..


Check this video that will give you a flair of San Marcos La Laguna.

San Marcos Video Production from Jeffery Popnfresh Crepeau on Vimeo.

Check this new episode of Bizarre Foods by Andrew Zimmerm where he mentioned Guatemala as one of his top destination from the travel Channel

Banner Bizarre Foods

Large diversified portofolio.

Discover a select number of properties for sale including : lakefront houses, land, businesses, many of them wonderful investment opportunities.

We participated  with Josh Linnes from the central American Show where we got to speak about Lake Atitlan water quality and real estate, and in two episode of House Hunter International

We can confirm that the interest keeps growing. Sales as still strong all around the lake and we have also very interesting new products coming up on the market.

2013 marked a turning moment in the real estate market in Guatemala as investors have started with a renewed interest  in the area. The future promising area is Tzununa with the great development project lead by the Fundacion Castillo Ramiro Love.  A place to look after...

Lake Atitlan  Real Estate Deals and New Listings with Great Property Values..

One of the most interesting aspect of investing in Real Estate in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan is the value you get for your investment.

On top of being able to find affordable life style you are able to build your dream house if you never did it.. Or simply have a back up plan in case the US would turn bitter... Real Estate has always been a safe refuge in crisis times but it is particularly been undiscovered in Guatemala and particularly in Lake Atitlan one of the top 20 most beautiful lake in the world according the magazine Fodors.

Let me invite you to watch  this video about one of our clients who came some years ago, fall in love with the lake, decided to build using Atitlan Solutions services, rent and enjoy the house for some years and sold the house for personal reason. A very instructive testimony for the ones who would like to invest in the area...Atitlan Solutions clients video testimony.

Established for 14 years, Atitlan Solutions, offers full services real-estate investments on Lake Atitlan. We are your professional real estate partner in the villages Panajachel, San Marcos La Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna, Santiago, and Santa Cruz La Laguna.

Because we know making the step to invest in a non-English- speaking country is a challenge, we take you through the process of acquiring real estate at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala all the way until you move into your new house.We work with bilingual attorneys, financial and tax advisors who specialize in real estate in Guatemala and Lake Atitlan. And working with us is working with a registered realtor with the National Association of Realtor.


Read about Steve Hendrix's, journalist at the Washington Post, experience as foreign real estate investor in Taking the plundge

Guatemala, Lake Atitlan : Taking the plundge..

Here's an excerpt  from one of our clients' video testimonials:

"...Armand is a great Realtor to deal with; he is very patient ,as things don't quite happen as fast down here as they do in the US.

With his help, we made it through without any problems. Armand is just as concerned with the buyer's welfare as he is with the seller's...."

We offer a large range of real estate options from waterfront homes and, lake and volcano view properties to raw land for you to develop. Once you have your dream home, we will help you to rent it, manage it, insure it: your name it..

If you are looking for a place to retire, what about Lake Atitlan, Guatemala ? This area is known for its inexpensive real estate and highly affordable lifestyles.

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