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Home waterfront to finish $ 158,000 SANANTH 07

Home waterfront to finish for sale Lake Atitlan San Antonio Palopo SANANTH 07 $ 158,000

Lake Atitlan waterfront house to finish for sale

Located on the shore of Lake Atitlan and at the entrance of San Antonio Palopo.

A great location that allows you to have road access and the amazing views that Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes con offer you.

The land has a gentle slope with several terraces made previoulsy for agricultural purpose.

The property has electricity and municipal water.

It has also a beginning of a house which needs to be completed. Lots of hard wood has been utilised. At a stage where changes can be done yet to adapt to your own idea of a house.

But the views are to the West and South..

1500 sq/ft

land like 600 m2

Property ID # SANTANH 07

Offered at $ 158,000

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SANTANH 07 view

SANTANH 07 side view

SANTANH 07 size front

SANTANH 07 wooden deck

SANTANH 07 inside view

SANTANH 07 back house

SANTANH 07 terraces

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Price may change any moment.
Photos of this property show only certains parts of it and rooms of the house at the time when the photographs were taken. Certain parts of the house may have changed  and it can't be assumed that the photographs are the actual representation of the house. Descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to correction and Atitlan Solutions shall have no liability for such errors. No assumptions should be made in respect of parts of the property or the house which are not showed.