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2 Bdrm Wtft $ 175,000 TZUNH 03

Lake Atitlan, Tzununa Bay great flat land accessible by boat offered at $ 175,000

In the heart of Tzununa Bay, this beautiful flat piece of land is a bird sanctuary. With 28 mts of waterfront, 2700 m2 lot. Flat with a little house of one bedroom, fire place and bathroom is big enough for an bird lover to turn it into a bird sanctuary. This property has been put together since 23 years by an American anthropologist and his wife. Fully integrated with the local community they have been able to acquire prime waterfront lot and during time expand their lot. To the actual size of half an acre. The electricity is provided by the regional distributor and the cost for it per month is never more than $ 10. The annual taxes toward the village is never more than $ 300 a year.  Water from municipal spring is unlimited and under $ 10 a year. This unlimited source of water allowed the owner to plant several trees that made this place a little botanical garden much appreciated by the 124 species so far that has been spotted by him. Hot water is obtained with a gas instant water heater. Ample source of fire wood on the property to use in the very efficient fire place of the little house. 
Build on the shore is a little cabin with bathroom where the owner has been writing several books on Lake Atitlan. Not to mention views of the lake (arguably!) unsurpassed.  The property is located far enough from the village to provide tranquillity from the town center's music and fireworks.

List of birds spotted : Honey creepers, Warblers, Chats, Blackbirds/Grackles, Orioles, Tanagers, Finches, Sparrows, Buntings...

Property ID # TZUNH 03

Offered at $ 175,000


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House for sale Waterfront

Great location in the middle of Tzununa Bay

From the shore of the property best views

Imagine to see  these birds every day

A treat for the eyes

Pure natural beautyLake Atitlan, Tzununa Bay great flat land accessible by boat  offered at $ 175,000


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Armand Boissy

Armand Boissy

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