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Land waterfront $ 42,000 TZUNL 05

Lake Atitlan land for sale Waterfront $42,000 TZUNL 05
Land waterfront $ 42,000 TZUNL 05

View from lake front land for sale

Land for sale waterfront Lake Atitlan


Ideal for a affordable investment.

Lot located past the village of San Marcos La Laguna on the road to Tzununa. Waterfront with car access. Orientation toward East and South - East. Volcanoes vies (volcano Acatenango, Volcano Fuego, Volcano Toliman, Volcano Atitlan).

On a slope but with 39 mts on the lake front. - 32 mts up to the road.

Rights of possession, that will have to be upgraded to OCRET government contract.

Lot total 3,300 m2 as there is a big piece of land above the road.

Offered at $ 42,000

Property ID # TZUNL 05


Call me 001 3055177760 or 00 502 54936161

Affordable land front

TZUNL 05 view from land


Photos of this property show only certains parts of it at the time when the photographs were taken. Certain parts of the land may have changed  and it can't be assumed that the photographs are the actual representation of it. Descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to correction and Atitlan Solutions shall have no liability for such errors. No assumptions should be made in respect of parts of the property which are not showed.

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