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2 Bedroom Waterfront Boat Sail Boat

Santiago Atitlan, gorgeous 2 bedroom house facing volcanoes, waterfront with speed boat and sail boat. $ 350,000 negotiable.



At the foot of Volcanos Toliman and Atitlan, gorgeous property ideal for boat and sailboat lover. Enjoy Lake Atitlan life style across on of the most interesting Mayan Village Santiago Atitlan, rich of its folklore and traditions.

This is a gorgeous property for more than one reason.

First of all the setting is breathtaking... you are facing the volcanos of Toliman, Atitlan and they are right in your face.

Then the sunrise hit the house at the first light of the morning making the shadows of the volcanos running to the lake.

The garden full of orchyds like a Monet painting.

At night the lights of Santiago shine like diamond.

Finally the privacy.. only accessible by boat (boat included)

The house is set up on a point, it has 2 brand new bedrooms with bathroom, kitchen, living room with fire place and another bathroom. Entirely powered by solar you will be leaving like your regular on the grid house.

There is behind the house a little care taker cottage with one bedroom, little kitchen and bathroom also powered by solar.

This house desserves a look.

The property get is water from the lake and from a well. It comes also with a sail boat.

Price $ 350,000


Property ID # SANTIAH 01